User Interface

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) is the Industrial Internet of Things connectivity leader helping companies improve, modernize, and secure their software. The Engineering department requested art direction to improve the user experience.

Update user interfaces for better user experience

Adobe Illustrator

  • Coding restrictions could limit customization
  • Abundance of data
  • Develop a design system for consistency
  • Simpler iconography for increased legibility and recognition
  • Improved hierarchy of information

Old Admin Console

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New Admin Console
Design system for data visualization

Old Heap Analyzer
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New Heap Analyzer
Data statistics

Old Install Screen

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Connext 6.0 Install Screen      Connext 6.1 Install Screen

Refreshed install screens

Old Splash Screen

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Connext 6.0 Installer Screen
Connext 6.0 Splash Screen

Connext 6.0 Admin Screen
Connext 6.0 Monitor Screen

Connext 6.1 Installer Screen
Connext 6.1 Splash Screen

Connext 6.1 Admin Screen
Connext 6.1 Monitor Screen

Refreshed splash screens

Connext 6.0 Icon      Connext 6.1 Icon

Connext 7 Proposals

6.0 and 6.1 version icons and 7.0 proposals

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