Product Brochures

SanDisk is an industry leader in flash storage solutions in the form of memory cards and solid state drives (SSD) present in many consumer electronics and enterprise hardware. It has an expansive portfolio of products to showcase to an audience that ranges from the casual consumer to high-end professionals and corporations.

Redesign 4 product brochures into a more modern look with better readability

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign

  • 4 brochures: overall, photo/video, mobile, USB
  • Many products equal many stakeholders to accept buy-in for a new design
  • Technical improvements and specifications are essential pieces of messaging
  • Brochures should have consistent treatment
  • Create a flexible template that can apply across brochures
  • Simplify and clean up layouts from wordiness and clutter
  • Highlight products' design and features while presenting specifications concisely
  • Invoke a more personable tone

Previous version
  • Small product image
  • Too much text
  • Visual hierarchy can be improved

Brochure covers

Intro spread

Product pages

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