Adidas Campaign Concept

Twitter is the popular communication app that connects people, businesses, and organizations—140-characters at a time. Business can conduct campaigns through Twitter to increase exposure, make announcements, and grow website traffic and conversions.

Create the look-and-feel of a hypothetical Twitter campaign for Adidas's "Boost" shoe line

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

  • Showcase benefits of Boost technology and influence viewers to switch
  • Center around a running theme
  • Show an example of tweets
  • Show an example of an Adidas product tent at an event
  • Leverage existing photo and artwork assets for consistent look
  • Play off a known saying for familiarity

Sample tweets

Sample tweet with picture

Promotional contest

Header photos with athlete endorsements

Tweet about trying Boost shoes at an event for free

Direct message to a follower about the trial shoe promotion

Mock up of welcome message to the runner

Runner's tweet about the shoe trial promotion

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